Frequency ask question

Do you provide the cleaning supplies?

No, we do not provide cleaning supplies. Customer needs to provide.

Can you guarantee the service quality?

Yes, if you are not satisfied with us, we refund back your fee.

Can we ask her to go shopping?

Yes, if the task is completed within the requested time.

How many minimum service hours?

2 hours

If the helper arrive late, can me extend the time to cover the time?


Can we extend the schedule?

No. Schedule is fixed, not changeable with any reason.

Do I need to instruct what I need?

Yes, this is a must.

Can I leave the helper in my room alone?

Yes, but you need to instruct what you need first.

If something problem happens with your helper, what should we do?

Call 02-714-2116 / 080-629-6734. Our customer support immediately follow up your case.

Do your company holds identification for each helper?


Can we hire the helper directly?

No, if we find this kind of case behind the company, we will charge the penalty fee.

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